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Downtown in Business

Pinch of Salts are now members of Downtown In Business, the fastest growing business organisation in the North of England and the West Midlands. The award winning organisation, which has offices in Liverpool, Lancashire, Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham, also recently opened an office in London to enable access to key decision makers who are based in the capital.

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November 19 2020
Pinch of Salts Join Knowsley Chamber

Pinch of Salts are thrilled to now be a part of Knowsley Chamber of Commerce. Established over 30 years ago, Knowsley Chamber provides a range of proactive business services to local, Knowsley based businesses and organisations. The Chamber’s services include business support, trade, enterprise support, procurement, training, events and representation.

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July 17 2020
Professional vs Amateur Photography for Business

The number of people who have camera phones is in the millions, maybe even billions, and the quality of cameras on smart phones is increasing year on year. Social media apps such as Instagram and other free photo editors have made it easy to add filters and change the look of images, factors that all contribute to the fact that many are now calling themselves photographers. .

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June 09 2020
Why You Shouldn’t Try to Build Your Own Website

There are many DIY website builder packages available online which seem appealing due to their affordability and the feeling that you can design a site exactly how you want it. When you begin using one of these sites, you soon realise they are not all that they are made out to be, and you may really be hindering your business’s chances of having website visitors without knowing it.

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May 29 2020
Reviewing Your Marketing Strategy After Lockdown

Whether your business has a solid marketing plan or not, now is the time to review and adapt your plan to fit with the ever-changing circumstances that we find ourselves in.

What was planned for digital brands in 2020 has since been put on the backburner. The COVID-19 outbreak has completely reshaped everything that this year was going to be across all industries. The coronavirus pandemic has already left a mark on society and is likely to be a pivot point in the way business and commerce works going forward.

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May 02 2020
What We’ve Learnt During Lockdown

Being in a situation that we have never been in before is eye opening. Here are some things, from the serious to the silly, that we have learnt during lockdown.

People really pull together in times of need
We’ve seen cases of this in the past, but the COVID-19 outbreak and everything it brought with it has pulled the nation together like never before. From clapping on our doorsteps every Thursday night to show our appreciation for the NHS and frontline workers to helping raise almost £30 million with Captain Tom Moore, the UK have gone above and beyond to support each other in a number of ways.

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April 17 2020
What’s Keeping Us Busy This Week

Being in lockdown and not being able to leave the house or take part in any kind of social situation is leaving many people not knowing what to do to fill their time. Here are some things that have been keeping us busy this week…

1. Social media
Much like everyone else, social media has become even more of a focus for us recently, not only personally, but as social media is a large part of our jobs. The country (and much of the world) being made to stay inside pushes everyone further online...

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Global Crisis
April 09 2020
The Importance of Brands Keeping Social During a Global Crisis

Coronavirus means isolation, and isolation means social media.

The country has been ordered to stay at home by the Government, (as have much of the world) meaning people cannot go about their daily routines. While personal interaction is missing, technology and social media has stepped up to the plate as people have been pushed online, whether they like it or not.

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Self Isolation
March 31 2020
Guide to a Happy and Healthy Self-Isolation!

Here is our guide of 7 tips for making the most of self-isolation. We are currently in an uncertain and somewhat worrying time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it to our advantage and try to enjoy this time we have at home.

1. Don’t stay in your pyjamas all day!
Whether you’re able to work from home or not, it’s a good idea to change out of your pyjamas. You don’t have to put on work clothes, or even anything more than a comfy tracksuit, but getting up, washed and ready for the day as if it were any other does wonders for a positive mindset. Our top tip is to change into gym or exercise clothes to encourage you to exercise later on in the day.

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Social Media
March 26 2020
Social Media Marketing

Studies have found that more people follow brands on social media than follow celebrities. On Instagram alone, 80% of people follow at least one business. Outlined in this blog post are just some of the many benefits to social media marketing, and why you should be utilising it for your business.

Increasing brand awareness
Social media platforms are a fantastic way to reach new and highly targeted potential customers as nearly half the word’s population are using them in some form. Even brand new businesses need not worry about not having an established client base, as 60% of Instagram users say they discover new products on the platform.

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Trades and Exhibitions
February 20, 2020
Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

A trade fair is an exhibition held so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of competitors and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

From design to stand building, no exhibition or trade fair is too big or small for Pinch of Salts. We thrive on delivering experiences and events that people talk about and that are valuable to your business. We can take ownership of your exhibition from booking space right through to stand instalment including organising event managers, providing professional staffing and an all important event evaluation.

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Pinch of Salts Website Design
January 23, 2020
Pinch of Salts Website Design

Pinch of Salts can design the right website for your company, brand or personal site. We are living in a digital world, so having a website that is on brand, modern, interactive and easy to use is of utmost importance to the success of your business for a number of reasons...

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Pinch of Salts event organisation
September 19, 2019
Pinch of Salts Event Organisation

Pinch of Salts specialise in fully organising and hosting events, however big or small they might be. We have years of experience in hosting a variety of events, including PR events, exclusive business breakfasts, round tables, corporate networking events, industry open days, product launch events, sporting events, roadshows, trade shows and more!

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Pinch of Salts breakfast security
August 30, 2019
Pinch of Salts host Security Business Breakfast Event

Pinch of Salts hosted a fantastic business breakfast event for security company, Nexus Protect. The exclusive event saw guest speaker, Mark Scoular, give a fantastic, informative presentation on security and counter terrorism in the modern world. Mark has recently retired as the Head of International Protective Security....

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NeedleSmart with Pinch of Salts
May 22, 2019
An Introduction to Pinch of Salts

Pinch of Salts is a full below the line marketing agency based in Knowsley, Merseyside. We have a diverse range of clients with whom we take a bespoke approach and adopt an open and honest relationship with. Creatively minded yet commercially aware, we understand the power of brands and use years of experience to create effective campaigns covering all aspects of marketing...

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