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From the beginning of time, Salt was a valuable commodity not only for the preservation of food, but for enhancing its flavour. Trade routes were established from the coastal regions of the Middle East, where salt water could easily be trapped and left to evaporate in the tropical sunshine, leaving behind a residue of salt crystals. Although this early salt was very expensive, if a meal was to be enhanced, it was necessary to add salts regardless of the cost.

A pinch of salt would enhance and improve the flavour as well as keep the food fresh.

The ethos of our agency, which we apply to all our clients, is that we keep on adding our very own "Pinch of Salts" to all of our clients, improving their brand flavour and delivering great results on time and within budget.

About us

We are a full below the line marketing agency with well over 150 years combined experience.

The agency is team lead by a bunch of team spirited, brand loving passionate people!

The team are creatively minded and yet commercially aware.

We understand the power of brands and create a bespoke approach to all our clients. Our agency is built on an open and honest relationship, that's why we retain our clients year after year and why our clients recommend us.

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Improving your brand's flavour

At Pinch of Salts we work as a team you are sure to get the best talent on your accounts.

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We're always on the lookout for talented people, contact us today if you feel you could offer something to our dynamic team.

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